About Us


The fairway supermarket was first established in 2017 by Maya El Dowi. For Over 5 years we have created one of the best chain of supermarkets in Ghana. 

With our unique products and services, we have created extraordinary experiences while thriving to always deliver excellence to our customers every time.  Fairway operates to meet the growing needs of its diversified customer base and meets the growing needs of its customers to make life easy. 

In line with the brand’s commitment to provide a wide range of products and value, today Fairway offers an unmatched choice of more than 15,000 food products and household items. 

Fairway is at the center of people’s lives that offers high-quality products, customer-focused ranges with a large choice of fresh products and favorable prices at all times. Here, we believe that high quality shouldn’t have to come at a premium price.   

A wide range of our products are carefully selected and imported mainly from UK, Lebanon, Dubai, Holland, France, Spain, and Asia. We work closely with vendors to source high-quality products at competitive prices. 
Throughout our stores, you’ll find a wide range of snacks, local produce, fresh meats, seafood, and imported cheese, British pastries, and yoghurts.

Our selection is expertly curated with our pastries, yoghurts and cheese freshly imported from UK. We also receive fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and coffee from Lebanon on a weekly basis. 
Our number one priority is to consistently offer safe, high-quality products and will go above and beyond at every step of the way to meet safety standards. 

Today, Fairway has 3 branches. In addition, Fairway developed and improved an e-commerce platform with new features and sections which allow customers to shop by their dietary and lifestyle preferences.

For any customer complaints do not hesitate to contact us on: 

+233 55 256 0800